It‘s been 10 years by now … 10 fucking years! A decade, a tenth of a century, a … what the hell do I know! 10 years ago I fled into a semester abroad in San Diego to duck out of my diploma thesis – and to experience California. Not just see but experience, dive in, suck in! For the 10th anniversary I unwrap the old and dusty blog posts from then. The San Diego Chronicles came into being by tedious handcraft and were published 2008 in a blog which doesn´t exist anymore. Therefore I put out that syllable-goulash again here on snuckout. Freshly refurbished in Full Laser HD and Dolby Universe Surround! Have fun with it!

20/08/2008 Let´s go!

Maybe not. I´m pretty sure most of you guys already heard it – because of an unplanned hospital-layover I had a 5 days delay on my trip to San Diego. For all of you who don´t know yet: I puked at the Frankfurt Airport in a parking lot. No shit. I already didn´t feel that well the night before and the next morning I had to let nature take its course. As planned Sabrina drove me to Frankfurt but in the parking lot things started to happen very fast. Car door open, stomach contents out. For a short period of time I had the hope it would get better so I checked in my luggage. But unfortunately I spent most of the waiting puking on the airport-toilet. So I thought it would be a pretty good idea to get in the car instead of getting on the plane. At home I got bagged in the hospital for 3 days. Long enough to run some gastro-intestinal tests. You can request the details via mail … Diagnosis: Esophagitis but San Diego was out of danger.

During my 3 days in the hospital I called Delta Airlines and they said I could get a flight at the 25th. Because of a doctor´s certificate the change in booking was free. At this point I need to say thank you to Delta Airlines. They did a great job and were very friendly and helpful. Alright, enough of all the gastro-intestinal stories … Read More

After grinding down the Skimboard for main course it was time for desert. We wanted to spent the last three weeks of the summer 2016 in Italy on a Wakeskate. And it was a dream … Every evening we had our ritual: We bomb to the beach with Quad and board to mill down our human-wallpaper in the sand. The jumpstart was pretty tricky and my success rate was at about 1/10. Pathetic, I know. Nevertheless, as soon as you got it and you stand on the board, getting pulled by the Quad, speeding at about 25 mph in the Mediterranean sea, you feel like the coolest guy under Italy´s sun. No shit! The combination of sports, fun and nasty falls generate a dopamine attack on the central neural system. You really feel alive when you fall into the sand at this speed just to get washed away by the next incoming wave. I hope the video and the pictures show at least a little bit of the fun we had every evening. For the ultimative video experience I recommend to get some sandpaper and play with it on your skin while watching.

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Zebrahead Pukkelpop

„Does it hurt?“ did the attractive girl ask me after we fell totally wasted in the bushes. I looked at the 10cm long cut on my chest and answered: „Dunno. I´m too drunk. But it doesn´t look good.“ My experience of pain was gone for that night, of which more later. At the beginning of 2013 the Zebrahead guys were busy recording their new album „Call your friends“, so the liver-gymnastics couldn´t start until August. On the festival list were Pukkelpop, Rock´n´Heim, Highfield and Chiemsee Rocks. Between the festivals we had club shows in Basel and Utrecht.

Pukkelpop is with about 190.000 people the biggest alternative festival in Belgium. Over 160 bands share 8 stages and 90.000 women (roughly). The line-up seems like a goulash recipe: Everything´s inside. To kill the time till the Zebrahead show we started a paper plane competition. Within a couple of minutes we destroyed the good reputation of German Engineering and the flying paper-scraps ended up on the next roof. After I successfully stalked Fall Out Boy, Eminem spitted some lines into the night sky.

Fall Out Boy

Marc, our tour-manager in his natural habitat:

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