Zebrahead Pukkelpop

„Does it hurt?“ did the attractive girl ask me after we fell totally wasted in the bushes. I looked at the 10cm long cut on my chest and answered: „Dunno. I´m too drunk. But it doesn´t look good.“ My experience of pain was gone for that night, of which more later. At the beginning of 2013 the Zebrahead guys were busy recording their new album „Call your friends“, so the liver-gymnastics couldn´t start until August. On the festival list were Pukkelpop, Rock´n´Heim, Highfield and Chiemsee Rocks. Between the festivals we had club shows in Basel and Utrecht.

Pukkelpop is with about 190.000 people the biggest alternative festival in Belgium. Over 160 bands share 8 stages and 90.000 women (roughly). The line-up seems like a goulash recipe: Everything´s inside. To kill the time till the Zebrahead show we started a paper plane competition. Within a couple of minutes we destroyed the good reputation of German Engineering and the flying paper-scraps ended up on the next roof. After I successfully stalked Fall Out Boy, Eminem spitted some lines into the night sky.

Fall Out Boy

Marc, our tour-manager in his natural habitat:

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Summer, sun and beach – but unfortunately no waves. As a passionate snowboarder I try to put my feet on a board in the summer as well. But the waves in Italy are pretty poor. Surfing is out of the window. What should we do? Just hanging out at the beach for two months? Nope! That would be as exciting as watching the lawn grow. Inventing a new type of sport? Yes! For all hobby-chefs and board-fetishists among yourselfs you´ll find a recipe at snuckout to cook it by yourselfs.

– 1,8 kg Skimboard
– 400 kg Quad
– 5 liters gas
– 5.000.000 liters Mediterranean Sea
– 3-5 meters rope
– 1 selfmade triangle handle
– at least two laid-back persons of one´s own choice

Put all ingredients together and let it simmer at 35 degrees Celsius in the shade.

Serving suggestion:

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You know. You are on tour. You are in Wales. You want to go out in Cardiff … All of a sudden the bus driver has a broken shoulder and the tour manager gets in a fight with cab drivers. But let´s start at the beginning. Cardiff was one stop during the UK tour in February 2014. Zebrahead was playing support for the co-headliners Reel Big Fish and Less than Jake. The show was taking place in the „Great Hall“ of the University on Saturday. By the way, Welsh words look like as if someone cooked syllables-goulash while playing Wheel of Fortune. I´ll buy all vowels in this world and I would like to solve.


We arrived one day earlier so we had that night off. That means everybody goes out. Even our busdriver. There were rumors that it could be rough even on a customary Tuesday. Let´s see what a Friday has to offer. We just arrived in the epicenter and Daniel and me already met two girls in front of a club. Driven by the alcohol I tried to approached these two tender ladies. The German accent pushed it´s way through the auditory passage right in the mating center of their brains, to trigger the reproductive instinct of these two beauties. That would explain the request from one girl: „You should kiss him!“. After all we knew each other for 4 minutes, so I thought it would be a good idea. Read More