It‘s been 10 years by now … 10 fucking years! A decade, a tenth of a century, a … what the hell do I know! 10 years ago I fled into a semester abroad in San Diego to duck out of my diploma thesis – and to experience California. Not just see but experience,, Read More

After grinding down the Skimboard for main course it was time for desert. We wanted to spent the last three weeks of the summer 2016 in Italy on a Wakeskate. And it was a dream … Every evening we had our ritual: We bomb to the beach with Quad and board to mill down, Read More

Zebrahead Pukkelpop

„Does it hurt?“ did the attractive girl ask me after we fell totally wasted in the bushes. I looked at the 10cm long cut on my chest and answered: „Dunno. I´m too drunk. But it doesn´t look good.“ My experience of pain was gone for that night, of which more later. At the beginning of 2013 the Zebrahead, Read More

Summer, sun and beach – but unfortunately no waves. As a passionate snowboarder I try to put my feet on a board in the summer as well. But the waves in Italy are pretty poor. Surfing is out of the window. What should we do? Just hanging out at the beach for two months?, Read More

You know. You are on tour. You are in Wales. You want to go out in Cardiff … All of a sudden the bus driver has a broken shoulder and the tour manager gets in a fight with cab drivers. But let´s start at the beginning. Cardiff was one stop during the UK tour, Read More