After grinding down the Skimboard for main course it was time for desert. We wanted to spent the last three weeks of the summer 2016 in Italy on a Wakeskate. And it was a dream … Every evening we had our ritual: We bomb to the beach with Quad and board to mill down our human-wallpaper in the sand. The jumpstart was pretty tricky and my success rate was at about 1/10. Pathetic, I know. Nevertheless, as soon as you got it and you stand on the board, getting pulled by the Quad, speeding at about 25 mph in the Mediterranean sea, you feel like the coolest guy under Italy´s sun. No shit! The combination of sports, fun and nasty falls generate a dopamine attack on the central neural system. You really feel alive when you fall into the sand at this speed just to get washed away by the next incoming wave. I hope the video and the pictures show at least a little bit of the fun we had every evening. For the ultimative video experience I recommend to get some sandpaper and play with it on your skin while watching.

The song “Make it” is written by the handsome band “Hello Heartattack”. Go check them out:

Next time at snuckout: How much sand in the rim is still normal? Where do I get new wallpaper? And how many cats do you need for one marble cake?

Oh well, here is a video from face planting the beach:

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