Summer, sun and beach – but unfortunately no waves. As a passionate snowboarder I try to put my feet on a board in the summer as well. But the waves in Italy are pretty poor. Surfing is out of the window. What should we do? Just hanging out at the beach for two months? Nope! That would be as exciting as watching the lawn grow. Inventing a new type of sport? Yes! For all hobby-chefs and board-fetishists among yourselfs you´ll find a recipe at snuckout to cook it by yourselfs.

– 1,8 kg Skimboard
– 400 kg Quad
– 5 liters gas
– 5.000.000 liters Mediterranean Sea
– 3-5 meters rope
– 1 selfmade triangle handle
– at least two laid-back persons of one´s own choice

Put all ingredients together and let it simmer at 35 degrees Celsius in the shade.

Serving suggestion:








The Song “Crossed the Ocean” is written by the attractive band “3 Akkorde Superstars”. Unfortunately this band doesn´t exist anymore. But the guys formed a new band called “Hello Heart Attack“. Listen. To. Them. NOW!

Next time at snuckout: How did the sand end up in the rim? Is the sunburn a tan tomorrow? And why does it still smell so weird?

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